Sunday, November 30, 2008

Travel Insurance FAQs

There are a lot of misconceptions related to travel insurance, and understandably most people arent as well versed in the fine details of travel insurance as I am - I cant say that I blame them!

Canadian teen's insurance premium > $100000/yr $104566.63 insurance premium per year for a couple of license suspensions, 10 speeding tickets, a couple of fender benders and a ...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A message for the 47000000 of you without health insurance

Adirondack Musing blog pointed us toward the following newspaper ad being placed in Iowa newspapers by the California Nurses Association. DD wanted to help spread their health insurance message.

Margaret Beck “Health Matters”QA expert, health insurance

Margaret Beck and I became acquainted many years ago when our daughters were best friends and soccer players in middle school.

Cheapest Backpacker Insurance

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Insurance Industry Bids Trent Lott Adieu

Insurance. By now, you’ve probably heard that Trent Lott plans to retire from the Senate on 31 December (just before new rules that would prevent him from becoming a lobbyist take effect).

News - Flooding and insurance

Original article ‘News - Flooding and insurance‘ A shake-up in the way we are advised when we buy financial products is being planned by the financial regulator.